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Apps and Websites

Trusted apps and websites that are used for children’s learning at Stepney Park Primary.


  • Bug club  

  • Sumdog to develop spellings

  •  Pupils can access a variety of other asynchronous activities using digital activities(ie BBC bitesize or LGFL) and games.


  • Sites that are monitored by Staff

    • Times Tables Rockstars (y3-6)
    • Sumdog (Y1-6)
    • Busy Things (Rec - Y2)
  • Other recommended sites

    • Education City
    • Purple Mash Maths Module
    • BBC Bite Size



Art and Design





  • World Geography Games

    • A website w'retrieval' type quizzes on locational knowledge. Capital cities, oceans, rivers, mountain ranges etc. More appropriate for KS2.
  • Primary Games Arena

  • KS1 Education Quizzes

  • BBC Bitesize

    • Bit of an obvious one but the BBC website has a good amount of videos to support learning in KS1 & KS2. With lockdown they've also now created weekly lessons for each year group which has a specific learning focus with video clips and a quiz afterwards.
  • 3D geography

    • This is a very teacher orientated resource but has loads of diagrams, photographs, maps & information sheets which can be used across a range of geography topics - volcanoes, weather, coasts...there will be something for every year group in there.




Physical Education (PE)

Personal Social Health and Economic Education

Religious Education (RE)

Milestone 1

BBC videos/ clips

Milestone 2 and 3

BBC videos/ clips 


Specific areas of study

Spanish (Year 3-6)

BBC Bitesize Lockdown Learning

Includes games for revision, a focus on skills such as Definite and indefinite articles, pronunciation and punctuation as well as pages on topics such as Animals, Family and Pets.

There are some links to some songs and activities such as making a popular spanish snack. There are also pages to support children’s cultural awareness. Children can click on the pages and can explore Spanish speaking countries and cities.


Babel Zone

Username: tower  password: hamlets2014

Indicate specific tasks/games for pupils to complete eg ‘click on stories and scroll down to Ricitos de Oros (Goldilocks) and join in with the Spanish for…’ and link them to children’s learning in other subjects.


Purple Mash

Go to Topics - Languages - Spanish

Early Years Apps

We use iPads.  This is a selection of some of the websites and apps we use.


  • Pearsons Bug Club (guided reading books set, phonics activities)
  • Education City (phonics activities set to groups of children, maths activities)
  • DFE Phonics videos 
  • Purple Mash
  • Busy Things through LGfL


  • Letter and number formation app - Cursive Writing Wizard
  • Get Creative - CBeebies
  • Hello Crayon
  • Doodle buddy
  • Nursery Rhyme app 
  • Kids Love Puzzle