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Birthday treats

We know that some children like to give their classmates a birthday treat when it is their birthday. We want to be able to facilitate this in a safe way, as we are concerned about the safety of children who have certain food allergies. We are also concerned about peer pressure, and have recently noticed that some children are beginning to bring in ever larger treats, such as large birthday cakes, which we are sadly having to turn down. There is no pressure or obligation to take part in this, however if you and your child would like to celebrate a birthday at school, here is a reminder of our ‘birthday treat’ rules :

  • Please only bring in small treats which could be held in one hand. For example  a  chocolate, a sweet or a piece of fruit. 

  • We cannot store treats in a fridge, cut them up or serve anything which needs cutlery, so please bear this in mind.

  • Please avoid sending treats that contain nuts. 

  • Treats will be given out by the children at the end of day, so parents who pick up the children can take responsibility for food allergies and supervise their children whilst eating the treats.

  • There should be enough treats for all children in the class.

  • The treats should only be given to the child’s own class