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Early Reading

We teach early reading through Letters and Sounds, using Tower Hamlets Systematic Phonics Planning.  We use Phonics Bugs books for Guided Reading from Reception until the end of the phonics programme to apply and embed phonic skills. This ensures the books children read in guided reading reflect the phonics sounds they have already learnt.  From Nursery we read a breadth of engaging books which develop language, including the awareness of rhythm and rhyme, alliterative phrases and the understanding of a range of story structures.

Developing Reading

Once children are secure in their phonics and have built up their reading fluency, they read a wide range of high quality texts in school and out of school, including fiction, non-fiction and a range of poetry, to develop their reading further. In Milestone 2 (years 3 and 4), reading is taught using a guided reading carousel approach, while in Milestone 3 (years 5 and 6), a whole class reading approach is adopted.

Teaching Writing

We believe that children's talk is a key factor in their ability to write and, as such, we prioritise children's talk and oracy in their writing. As outlined in the frameworks below, children's writing skills are developed progressively as they move through the school.