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Morning drop offs

All families are encouraged to walk to and from school.  The use of cars can cause congestion on the roads outside and lead to safety issues with arriving families.  

Year 1 to Year 6

  • All our main gates will open at 8.50am to allow for a gradual arrival - children go straight into class following our 'soft start' system.  Teachers will be in class with planned activities for pupils as they arrive.  

  • Staff will be positioned on staircases and in the playground to welcome and supervise the children as they enter.

  • Registration will begin in class at 9:00am - the gates will shut at 9:00am and late arrivals must report to the small Smithy Street gate.  

  • Parents will not enter the grounds until after 9am, if they need to access the office - this will be via the small Smithy Street gate.

  • Social distancing and polite queueing is expected when waiting

Early Years (EYFS)


  • Parents drop their pupils off at the large gate through the Smithy Street car park.
  • Parents accompany their children into class during the first few weeks of settling and then there is a transition to more independent arrival when children are ready.


  • In Reception during the first few weeks, all parents drop off their children at the Redman Road gate where staff will be there to collect children. 

  • Pupils transition to independence and soft start in line with the rest of the school, when ready.