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Remote Learning

In case of a Year Group lockdown (or Whole School lockdown) your child must register with the school in the morning and again in the afternoon. This will be done by Google MEET which is a video conferencing tool. 

A class registration time will be decided and communicated with your child through Google Classroom. Your child should be available to speak to a teacher at these times. The morning session will give them support with their tasks for the day and the afternoon session will check their learning, and give feedback and further support.

We need a parent or carer to be there for these sessions, so that you are giving permission for your child to appear on the video. These sessions will be recorded but will not be shared with anyone outside of school.

Registration of children during term time whilst classes/ schools are closed is an expectation, so as with a normal school day can you please notify the school of any absence.


We are using Chromebooks to deliver our ‘Remote Digital Learning Strategy’ for Years 1-6. This means that we are using the new Chromebooks in class daily and are introducing all children to the basics. All children from Years 1-6 should now be using their Chromebooks at home and at school. They will be set daily tasks by their teachers and should aim to complete them and hand them in (either in school or remotely if they are at home self-isolating).

Each child with a Chromebook will be given a bag in which to carry it. There will be a tag on it with your child's name. Can you please help your child by adjusting the strap on the bag so that it is comfortable for them to carry?

Please remember the following regarding the Chromebooks:

  • Children should charge the Chromebooks at home daily, so the battery is full.

  • Children should bring the Chromebooks to school each day.

  • Children should use their Chromebook instead of a laptop/ PC, as it has all the relevant software and because this makes sense for educational purposes. 

  • Parents should not message the teachers directly, using their child’s account. If parents would like to ask the teacher a question/ needs to communicate something, they must do so via the admin office, either by phone or by email. This is to protect the work/ life balance of the teachers. Here is the admin email: .

  • If we need to lock down a year group, you will receive all the instructions you need in this area under your child’s year group tab.

To find a copy of the agreement you signed, click here.