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Safeguarding children is of the utmost importance and our first priority at Stepney Park. We have many policies, systems and procedures in place to ensure that we do all we can in order to make sure our children stay safe and well and are protected from harm.

Our Child Protection Policy  sets out what we do if we suspect that either a child has been harmed or is in danger of being harmed. We work closely together with outside services, including Social Services, to take appropriate actions.

We have regular safeguarding training for all of our staff and our Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) is supported by at least one Deputy DSL, so that there is always at least one member of staff who has the required training to deal with any safeguarding issues.

In addition to the policies and procedures referred to above, we also aim to teach children how to keep themselves safe. Through our PSHE, RSE and Personal Development curriculum offer, we teach children about staying both physically and emotionally safe, both in 'real life' and online. We also teach them in an age appropriate way how to recognise when they are in danger of being harmed and what to do if they are worried.

If you have any concerns about the safety or wellbeing of children in the Stepney Park community, please contact the DSL at or speak to a member of staff in school.