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Stepney Park School Council

Our school council is made up of 18 school ambassadors, one child from every class in years 2 - 6. During the first half-term, the children are chosen democratically by their class to be the representative for the remainder of the year. Through PSHEE lessons, children learn about democracy and the importance of having a voice and being able to speak out. The school council meets every three weeks to discuss their ideas and work on child-led projects that have a positive impact on the school.

This is how our School Council works to represent their classes:

What has been discussed at the school council this year?

  • The School Council identified a problem with children going to lunchtime clubs. 
    • Through discussion in their meeting, they found the solution in lanyards for the children in clubs. 
    • Members of the School Council presented their solution to the Headteacher, with costings. 
    • The children submitted a purchase order for the lanyards and began designing the badges whilst the order was being delivered. 
  • Feedback from representatives classrooms is that they would like new books to read. 
    • The School Council have been given a budget to spend on new books. 
    • The representatives will collect ideas from their peers and research new books that have been published. 

What was discussed at the School Council last year? What was the impact?

  • The children reported that their classes wanted more non-uniform days. 
    • The School Council decided on the rationale - to raise money for charity.
    • They researched future opportunities and decided on raising money for Red Nose Day through a non-uniform day. The children advertised the event, raised awareness and collected the money.
  • The children reported that more playground equipment would be appreciated in the playground.
    • The School Council conducted an audit of current resources.
    • A budget was allocated and they chose appropriate equipment according to feedback from their peers. 
  • The School Council was asked to promote the Learning Behaviours at lunchtime.
    • They spoke to their peers in the classrooms and the playground. 
    • 'Dinner Winners' was created - each week the most responsible year group is rewarded.