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Volunteer Groups

What are we doing this year (2023-2024)? 

At Stepney Park, children have a range of opportunities to volunteer, including in a number of volunteer groups. These aim to foster a strong sense of community across our school.

This is what we are planning to achieve this year:

School Council:

  • Gathering children's ideas about how we can continue to improve our school
  • Gathering ideas for future whole school competitions that we can run at lunchtimes. 


Ecology Ambassadors:

  • Selecting the next planters to prioritise.
  • During the autumn, the planters will need weeding and cleaning.
  • To be ready for spring, plants will be ordered later on in the year.
  • Planting new plants. 


Community Ambassadors:

  • Choosing the next planters that will benefit from being painted
  • Sanding, priming and then deciding which pattern to paint. 
  • Painting the planters.


Playground Captains:

  • Continue to setup and resource the quiet areas.
  • Talk to children about how we can improve the quiet areas. 
  • Monitor the friendship bench. 


School Journalists: 

  • Continue to collect stories from across the school
  • Work alongside the School Council to promote the pupil voice and gather feedback 
  • Publish their work in the Stepney Park Voice each month


What did we achieve last year (2021-2022)?

Last year, our Change Groups met regularly to discuss, action and review various aspects of our school. The six different groups included children from year 1 to year 6. Some of the actions from last year include: 

School Council

  • We gathered feedback from many children that the playground needed more resources. Then, after being given a budget to spend, we chose the equipment that children had asked for. 
  • We created 'Dinner Winners' which celebrates the most respectful and responsible year group each week, at lunchtime. 
  • We launched the mural competition which now has the winning entry painted on a playground wall. 
  • We created a whole school questionnaire that decided which Islamic Relief project to donate to.  

Ecology Ambassadors

  • We identified which playground planters needed weeding.
  • We weeded, cleaned and prepared the planters for spring.
  • We planted new plants in spring. 

Playground Captains

  • We set up and resourced the quiet areas in the north and south playgrounds. 
  • We monitored the friendship benches.

Community Ambassadors

  • We identified that the planters could be aesthetically improved. 
  • We sanded, primed and painted the planters. 

School Journalists

  • Each week, we collected stories from across the school (e.g. about events, trips, activities and announcements).
  • We collaborated to write engaging articles. 
  • We published our work in the Stepney Park Voice each month.