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Volunteer Groups

What are we doing this year (2022-2023)? 

This year we’ve updated our volunteer groups. They represent children from year 1 to year 6, meet every week and have a positive impact on our school. So far, our groups have:

School Council:

  • Decided on new playground equipment that would improve break times and lunchtimes for the children.

  • Launched a competition to create a playground mural, using the Learning Behaviour characters.

  • Decided on the next fundraising event (Red Nose Day).


Ecology Ambassadors:

  • Agreed a plan of action to tidy and weed current planters around the playground.

  • Planned to plant new plants in spring.


Community Ambassadors:

  • Worked alongside the Ecology Ambassadors to renovate the planters. We are currently sanding, priming and painting!


Playground Captains:

  • Agreed to change their name (previously Playground Pals) to increase their impact in the playground.

  • Had their initial training on how to support in the playground.

  • Used the Friendship Bench to support other children in the playground.


School Journalists: 

  • Established a weekly routine where they collect relevant stories across the week, write their entries and publish a fortnightly newspaper

What did we achieve last year (2021-2022)?

Last year, our Change Groups met regularly to discuss, action and review various aspects of our school. The six different groups included children from year 1 to year 6. Some of the actions from last year include: 

Rights Respecting Group

  • Changed the names of the communal rooms to various flowers to reflect the school’s new name.

  • Generated ideas and activities for various Special Days, we held one every half-term linked to our Learning Behaviours.

  • Discussed when and how we can raise money for charity.

Eco Council

  • Completed a biodiversity audit and put actions in place to attract more wildlife.

  • Ambassadors spoke to their class regarding recycling (why it’s important and what they can do to help).

  • Discussed fundraising opportunities that focus on protecting wildlife.

Playground Ambassadors

  • Set up Playground Pals (children who can support at break times and lunchtimes).

  • Set up the Quiet Areas in both the north and south playgrounds.

  • Created the friendship benches.

Reading Ambassadors

  • Organised World Book Day across the school.

  • Discussed how to promote reading across the school.​​​​

Family Homework

  • Created the family homework ideas every half-term.

  • Collected and celebrated the completed entries after each holiday.​​​​​